nolk is a genius.
Our proprietary GeniusWire™ data platform analyzes millions of e-commerce websites, delivering performance metrics and analytical insights with unprecedented detail.
How we use GeniusWire™
Driving scaleable brand growth can seem complex, but it starts with the basics: verified data points and business metrics. GeniusWire™ enables an efficient analysis of performance indicators during the early stages of communication between your business and nolk.
By minimizing inefficiencies during due diligence, we can come to a profitable and transparent agreement more quickly, allowing you to move forwards with your business projects. Because it works so well for us, we are now offering it as a service to other aspiring brand builders.
All the data you need
in the blink of an eye !
One source to rule them all
Stop wasting time finding the right data across multiple websites.
Curated by real people
You can be sure that you are getting reliable, verified results from multiple certified sources.
Up-to-date data
Use our advanced filters to narrow down your search results and find the most relevant, up-to-date leads.

Save and track leads
We analyze the trends and performance of the lists you are creating so you can easily track multiple e-Commerce websites all at once.
Vet companies more quickly. See all the data points that M&A looks for in the due diligence process, which are indicators of how well the brand is growing. Now available as a service.