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C’est ici que les marques deviennent audacieuses

Meet our Team of Specialists

Thomas Kousholt
Chief Operating Officer
Antoine Valin
Director of M&A and B&I
Tyrone Smith
Director of Marketing
Mylene Charron
Finance and Accounting Manager
Kristin Heckersbuch
Culture and People Manager
Maxime Yahouedou
Product Manager for GeniusWire
Marise Peruse
Brand Manager - Kana
Ricky Lee Jones
Brand Manager - Loctote
Martin Stuart
Brand Operations and Automation Manager
Jason Yan
Supply Chain Manager
Danielle Bailey
Social Media Manager
Kevin Chen
Director of Logistics
Aimee Valdivia
Lead, Customer Engagement Specialist
Liv Saville
Lead, Brand Marketing Wolf and Grizzly
Maddie Hemstreet
Marketing Coordinator
Nicholas Legare
Director of Sales
Josephine Rondot
Art Director/Senior Designer
Pamela Toman
Social Media Manager
Michael Barone
Data Scientist for GeniusWire
Jennifer Patterson
Media Outreach and Partnerships Manager
Danielle Yefman
Mergers and Acquisitions Analyst
Marie Novik
Data Engineer for GeniusWire
Patrick Siky
Lead, Digital Growth, and Performance
Richard Motzkus
Industrial Designer
Matthieu Bousendorfer
Product Designer for GeniusWire
Bogdan Ivanov
Front End Developer for GeniusWire
Clara Suggett
Content Marketing Specialist
Alexander Boiko
Back End Developer for GeniusWire
Cyril Fayek
Operations and Management Intern